Global Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Shandong Dezhou

In Dezhou, a city with a rich history in Shandong Province, China, an eye-catching international event is drawing the attention of young innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide. In 2023, this city became the host for the International Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, a grand event aimed at discovering and rewarding the intelligence and innovative spirit of youth.

This competition, co-hosted by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, showcases China’s commitment to encouraging youth entrepreneurship and innovation. It marks a new chapter in China’s collaboration with the global youth innovation community, intended to foster international exchanges and cooperation.

The competition serves not just as a contest but as a platform for cultural and technological exchange, covering a wide range of fields from big data and smart manufacturing to biomedicine and new energy. It attracted more than 200 innovative projects from 23 countries and regions, demonstrating the dynamic energy and creativity of youth worldwide.

European participants, in particular, emphasized how the competition offered an excellent opportunity for them to interact and learn from international peers from different cultural and technical backgrounds. Many expressed their excitement about showcasing their creative solutions on this platform, as well as their appreciation for the chance to understand the latest trends and developments among young innovators and entrepreneurs in China and other countries.

As the competition progresses, Dezhou is showcasing its potential to become a center for international innovation and cultural exchange. This event not only revitalizes the local community but also provides an opportunity for international participants to gain insights into the Chinese market and culture.

With the world increasingly focusing on youth innovation and entrepreneurship, the competition in Dezhou undoubtedly provides a stage for global youth to display their talents and ideas, while also promoting understanding and cooperation between different nations and cultures.