World Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Award Ceremony and Young Entrepreneurs Development Conference held in Dezhou, Shandong Province

On July 8th, the World Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition’s award ceremony and the Youth Entrepreneurs Development Conference were held in Dezhou, China, showcasing global youth innovation. Notably attending were Peter O’Neill, former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea; David Morris, UN Asia-Pacific Sustainable Business Network Vice Chairman; and Kang Byung-soo, Mayor of Jeju City, South Korea, highlighting the event’s international stature.

Dezhou’s leadership, including Mayor Zhu Kaiguo, emphasized the city’s drive to become a hub for youthful innovation, leveraging its industrial and educational advancements. The event championed international collaboration among young entrepreneurs, aiming to foster global improvement.

Significant outcomes included the formation of the World Youth Entrepreneurs Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance and the recognition of ten exceptional projects. The competition drew 246 projects from 23 countries, spanning sectors from technology to sustainability, reflecting a wide range of innovation.

This event underscored Dezhou’s rising influence as an innovative center and China’s growing impact in the global innovation landscape, celebrating the collaborative spirit of young entrepreneurs worldwide.