Looking for talents

Dear Innovators and Entrepreneurs,

I am Jiao Chao, the President of the China-Central and Eastern Europe Science and Technology Exchange Association. It is with great pleasure that I extend an invitation to you to participate in the upcoming China Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to be held in Budapest.

This competition is specifically designed for European tech startups looking to collaborate with Chinese partners or expand into the Chinese market. It provides a unique platform where you can showcase your innovative projects, directly connect with Chinese resources, and explore significant market opportunities.

We understand the rapid changes in global technology development and the challenges and opportunities they bring to entrepreneurs. To accommodate participants from all locations, we have designed a hybrid format that includes both online and offline participation options. Our online platform will offer comprehensive technical support to ensure you can present your projects seamlessly and interact effectively with judges and audiences.

The event will bring together distinguished entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts from Central and Eastern Europe and China. They will provide professional evaluations and substantive feedback on your projects. Additionally, winners will have the opportunity to win round-trip tickets to China, gain access to essential resources, and establish long-term collaborations, facilitating the growth of your projects in China and global markets.

We sincerely invite you to seize this exceptional opportunity to display your innovative solutions and explore the possibilities of collaborating with China. Please visit our official website for more details and to register for the competition.

I look forward to seeing your impressive performances in Budapest!

Best regards,

Jiao Chao
Central and Eastern European Chinese Technology Exchange Association

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