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The Central and Eastern European Chinese Science and Technology Exchange Association was established in 2017. It is a technology NGO approved by the Hungarian courts and registered with the Chinese Embassy in Hungary. The association strives to be a bridge for scientific and technological cooperation between China and Europe. In 2023, it was the only technology society in Eastern Europe selected as a national-level talent cooperation organization by the China Association for Science and Technology. It has hosted several competitions, such as the China Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the World Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the Jinan Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The association has assisted over 100 European talents in cooperating with China, with more than 20 of them receiving funding support from China.


Jiao, Chao
Honorary citizen of the city of Kozármisleny, Hungary,
Adjunct professor at Harbin Institute of Technology,
President of China Jinan Medical and Health Care Research Institute,
He won the title of Shandong Outstanding Science and Technology Expert. He has 8 Chinese patents, published several books and more than 20 papers. Since immigrating to Hungary in 2015, he has been committed to promoting scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between China and Europe, and has introduced more than 100 European talents to cooperate with Chinese companies.

Vice Presidents

Dr. Amon, Tomaž
President of Slovene China Friendship Association,
Professor at the University of Ljubljana,
Founder of the Slovenian Center for Scientific Visualization,
Researcher at the Institute of Biology, Ljubljana
It has won the Slovenian Prešeren Foundation Award (national level), and its independently developed “Electrical Phenomena in Living Cells” software package has been supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Education and has become an officially designated educational tool in Slovenian schools. As a senior biologist and computer expert, he focuses on visualization research of biological processes and successfully combines biology and technology in projects, making important contributions to scientific research and technological innovation in Slovenia.

Rendes, Péter
Co-founder and CEO of InnoTeq Ltd.
Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Pécs, Hungary
Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences Pécs Regional Committee Economic and Legal Sciences Committee Working Group on Communication and Media Studies
Member of Institutional Advisory Board of the University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics
Member of the Information and Communications Technology Committee of Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Member of the IT Leaders Association
Shandong Provincial Overseas Specialist
Information Technology Engineer and Communication and Media Studies Expert with more than 30 years of professional experience. Project coordinator of several IT and Research&Development projects. Significant knowledge and experience in Augmented/Virtual reality, large IT projects, software and multimedia development. Worked as project director in various EU-funded innovation and development projects and has won several innovation awards.

Zhuang, Shoukun    
Chairman of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Innovation Think Tank
Member of China Overseas Chinese Federation
Member of Guangdong Provincial Committee of the CPPCC
Chairman of Hong Kong Yangjiang Youth Federation
Mentor of Mini-MBA Entrepreneurship, The University of Hong Kong
Possesses a broad international perspective and extensive cross-industry experience, with notable achievements in manufacturing, consulting, finance and technology industries. He specialises in technology project investment and achievement transformation. As the Founder and Chairman of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Innovation Think Tank, he has been dedicated to providing innovation and entrepreneurship, management, IT consultancy and financing services to SMEs for many years. He has assisted entrepreneurial teams and SMEs to break through bottlenecks, and has brought in a number of leading technology teams from overseas to land in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area to carry out scientific research and market industrialisation.

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