Research, development and promotion of energy-saving products

Dr Wojciech Piotr Koznowski from the Maritime University of Gdynia, Poland, won the third prize in the Fifth Jinan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the Shandong Copernicus Intelligent Science and Technology Company founded by the team was able to obtain 500,000 Euros in funding support.

Copernicus Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research, development and promotion of energy-saving products. At the same time, relying on more than 70 universities at home and abroad, the team of experts and professional services experience, to empower China’s automotive industry talent team construction and industry transformation and upgrading. The company focuses on building an advanced and comprehensive service platform for the development of new energy automobile industry, and carries out services in multiple fields such as science and education integration, joint R&D, technical consulting, industry qualification certification, introduction of talents, overseas promotion and application, and practical training of industry talents, etc. The company is committed to providing the industry with one-stop services in the whole lifecycle and assisting in the high-quality development of the automobile industry.

The company has independently and jointly developed 6 sets of teaching equipment in the field of new energy vehicles and has reached an agreement with Weihai Wendeng Institute of Technology on the intention of building an automotive industry college. 2023 Copernicus led the formation of Jinan Automotive Engineering Society and was elected vice president and secretary-general of the unit, and set up the Shandong Province, the R & D center for science and education equipment.

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