Centrifugal dispensing chromatography purification technology

Laszlo Nemeth, Hungarian, CEO of LILIchro Inc.

Laszlo won the third prize at the national level in the 2023 China Overseas Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for his outstanding performance; in the same year, he won the third prize in the Sixth China (Jinan) New Dynamic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and was able to obtain the 300,000 euro fund from the Chinese government.

Shandong LILIchro Biotechnology Co., Ltd, the sixth China (Jinan) New Dynamic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition award-winning and settled in Jinan company, the company is committed to the Hungarian headquarters of the company’s mature business philosophy and technological achievements into China, for China’s scientific research and industrial development to inject new vitality. Relying on the strong R&D strength of the LILIchro team, the team has made remarkable achievements in the field of centrifugal dispensing chromatography purification technology. LILIchro has successfully developed an industrial-scale CPC-based centrifugal partition chromatography purification technology, which has been awarded a number of world patents. This technology not only solves the problems of traditional centrifugal partition chromatography, such as poor sealing performance, high price and easy to wear and tear, but also achieves rapid separation of high-purity compounds without the need to use silica gel columns or stationary media consumables, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost.

At present, the company has successfully developed a variety of purification equipment, which has not only achieved quantitative production, but also demonstrated excellent performance and stability in practical applications. Among them, the successful development of kilogram and ton equipment has provided a strong guarantee for the purification of high-value substances and mass industrial production.

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