Technological innovation and cost control through liquid current batteries

Sun Qijun, PhD from Jiaquan University in Korea, researcher and doctoral tutor at Beijing Institute of Nano Energy and Systems, CAS, selected for CAS Talent Program and Beijing Specially Appointed Expert, won the second prize in the 6th Jinan New Dynamic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the company he founded, Shandong Yuanjing Energy Science and Technology Company Limited, was able to obtain the 500,000 euros from the Chinese government fund.

Shandong Yuanjing Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise focusing on the application of liquid flow batteries and related technologies. The company’s business direction is mainly oriented to domestic and foreign liquid current battery enterprises and is committed to promoting the widespread application and industrialization of new energy storage technologies such as liquid current batteries through technological innovation and cost control.

The company has established a close cooperation relationship with famous enterprises in the industry, such as Beijing Prudent Energy, Shanghai Electric, Hunan Dewoop, Dalian Rongke Group, etc., to jointly promote the research and development and application of liquid flow battery technology. Through continuous optimization of the production process, reduction of material costs and improvement of production efficiency, the company has successfully opened the flow battery industry chain, laying a solid foundation for the wide application of its products.

The company’s products have successfully entered the national power grid, providing stable and reliable power support for urban distributed energy storage systems. In addition, the company also provides customized flow battery solutions for specific scenarios such as base station/server UPS, discrete park plant, and standby power supply for offshore drilling platforms, meeting the diversified needs of different customers.

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